Patio Evaluation

Looking to add living area to your home? Outdoor living spaces are increasing in popularity every year. New home construction costs around $95 a square foot, but outdoor living spaces are significantly cheaper: decks cost around $33 per square foot, and patios are cheaper still at $15 per square foot. So how can you decide if your lawn is the right place for a new patio?

Spend a few days just studying your lawn. What areas offer the most shade? Where do we spend the majority of our time outside? These are just a few questions that you should keep in mind when planning a new patio. Also, it is important to decide how this space is going to be used. Will you be entertaining friends and family frequently? If so, it is important to consider how they will all fit and flow on your patio.

Make sure to check into local zoning and area regulations when it comes to remodels. Residents of Westervelt Communities will have to have their plans approved by the Architectural Review Board before they begin their project. It’s also important to contact local authorities that will come to your job site and inspect for underground wires, pipes, etc. This service is typically provided free of charge.

Your patio must serve as an extension of your home. It must carry out the same design themes in order to provide a cohesive setting for you and your family. This is an issue that people sometimes overlook. Landscape architects and other professionals can help you design a patio that works perfectly with your home. Attention to these small details may make the difference in your project adding value to your home, or detracting from your home.

We might be in the depths of winter right now, but this is the time to start planning a spring build. By properly planning, you will ensure that your outdoor space’s value is maximized.

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