Homeowner Resolutions

Aren't we all a little like this sometimes?

Typically I’m not a huge fan of New Years resolutions. Not because I’m against setting goals and working to achieve those goals, but because usually the motivation behind those resolutions are not always valid. Let’s take losing weight for example. In of itself, this is a good thing. But usually when people make this a New Years resolution, the motivation is more vanity than health conscious.

Motivation is a big deal. What drives us to do the things we do? I’ve often heard the saying “What you care about is what you spend your time and money on”. This is so true. Where do you spend your time and money?

There are some obvious things that should top this list; faith, family, and relationships should be the foundation that we build our lives on. One of the most important areas that we can invest time and money into, outside of our true foundation, is our home. If you’re a homeowner it’s important to develop a plan for 2012. How are you going to increase your home’s value and livability? Not only is our home an investment, more importantly it is where we live and build our family.

HouseLogic.com has a great guide to some various home improvement ideas for 2012. Rather than making a resolution solely for yourself, you should make one for your home and all the people that call it that.

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