Holiday Prep How to:

It’s Christmas time and that means relatives and guests from all over are coming to stay with you. How should you prepare yourself for the coming invasion? Here are a few ideas that you should consider before Christmas Day is here:

Are you prepared for Holiday guests?

1. De-clutter: Remove all unnecessary items from around your home. If you’re running short on time you can neatly put these things in out of the way closets or in the garage, then you can sort and organize after the Holidays.

2. Safety: Will your guests be bringing small children? If so, it’s important to make sure that they are bringing all the necessary baby gates and cabinet locks. It would also be prudent to move any toxic cleaners out of the bottom cabinets, and put them somewhere out of the reach of small hands. Also, consider your exterior lighting. Sure, you can navigate across your property with your eyes closed, but what about people who have never visited before? Make sure there is adequate lighting around walking paths and near stairways.

3. Sleeping Arrangements: If you have more sleepers then rooms, you will need to add sleeping space. Inflatable mattresses are fine for a night or two, but if you have any long term guests, it might be time to buy a roll-away bed, or a cot. Also, consider putting ceiling fans in all of your guest rooms. This will allow individual guests to customize the temperature in their room without bothering with the thermostat, which will affect the rest of the people in the home.

4. Bathroom Storage: Move all toilet paper, towels, and general toiletries out of hiding so that guests can access them easily. Also, outfit each tub with a bath mat to prevent falls, and each toilet with an easily accessible plunger to prevent any embarrassment.

The Holidays are an incredible time to serve the people that we love. It is our sincere hope that you take this time as a great opportunity to love the people closest to you, and hopefully these little tips helped serve that goal in some way.

Have a very merry Christmas!

From your friends at Westervelt Communities.

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