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Spring has sprung in Tuscaloosa, and as we begin flexing our green thumbs in our yards, Westervelt Communities has planted its own seed in the form of a blog, and we hope you will help us grow it. Whether you like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (@lifeatthelake), our purpose is to provide content that assists in the home-building process (whether it’s in one of our communities or not!) and is accented by the local flavor of Tuscaloosa and Northport.

As you’re making trips to various local retailers for supplies (two of our favorites are Ander’s Hardware and the Tuscaloosa Co-Op), keep in mind a vibrant and well-maintained lawn adds value to any home, and boosts the profile of the neighborhood at large. The state of the yard is often an indication of the overall care given to a property, and when it comes to real estate curb appeal is crucial. Here are a few ways to look after your lawn and garden this spring:

1. Regularly mow the grass. Whether you hire someone or you do it yourself (or force your children to do it – our personal favorite), it’s important to have it done regularly, not just when it appears long. If you’re putting in grass at a new home site, consider what type of grass naturally grows in the Tuscaloosa area. This grass will require less maintenance and will be a more natural fit. Bermuda grass is a native grass in much of the south, but consider centipede grass as an alternative. Centipede grass grows much slower, and is more adept at dealing with drought.

2. Invest in a patio/porch addition*: Now is the time to invest in your property, and one of the best ways is by adding to your outdoor living space. An upgrade to the porch or adding footage to the patio creates value in your home but, even better, it adds another space you’ll be able to enjoy throughout the late spring, summer, and early fall.

3. Start a home garden: This is fun way to provide memorable experiences, especially with younger kids. Get them involved in planting tomatoes, or start an herb garden. Not only will this allow for time with the family, it will also save you money by using your own, fresh ingredients.

4. DIY: When projects present themselves this season, consider if they’re something you can do yourself. Studies show learning something new will make you happier, and you will take satisfaction adding to the value of your home. Researchers at Stanford University have found that the two (education and happiness) go hand-in-hand. You’ll also be saving yourself a good bit of money. Obviously if projects come along that are too complicated or are code-enforced (think new roof!) you should enlist the services of a professional, but many items on the “Honey-Do” list, are ideal opportunities to break out the blue jeans and get to work.

*For Westervelt Community residents, remember that all construction jobs around the home must be approved by the ARB before the job can be started

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3 Responses to Home Landscaping

  1. WestComm says:


    Thanks for the question. Ultimately it is just a matter of personal preference, some people don’t mind cleaning the pollen multiple times throughout the season, other’s just wait for the pollen season to end. Here’s a link that gives a good bit of information as to when the season will end. Hope this helped!


    -Westervelt Communities

  2. AC says:

    Need to clean my awnings but I wanted to wait until pollen was “gone”. Should I wait another month? Just can’t remember when most of the yellow/green disappears.

  3. Sheila says:

    Love the new blog. The article on home gardening outlining the schedule of what to plant when is especially helpful. Looking forward to the next post.