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Something old, made new again or: How PB&Js are still relevant

Ever have an old memory come rushing back to the forefront of your mind? Sometimes it’s a dusty old thing from when you were a kid, maybe of a vacation from years ago. Maybe it’s a smell of something being … Continue reading

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Nick Offerman: An unlikely folk hero

You may read this title and say to yourself, who is Nick Offerman? And that would be a valid question. However, if you know who he is, bravo, you are culturally up to date. Nick Offerman, better known as Ron … Continue reading

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Fireplace Addition

Nothing says winter like sitting around a roaring fireplace, letting your extremities thaw out after a long day outside in the cold. Unfortunately for homes that don’t already have a fireplace, it is a tricky and expensive addition. Fortunately there … Continue reading

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Long Term Vision

Remodeling can be a big project, and sometimes we lose sight of our homes suitability in the long term. No matter how big or small a project you’re undertaking, it’s incredibly important to consider how design changes will affect the … Continue reading

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Lake Tamaha

Back in 2011 we looked at the various waterways in the Tuscaloosa area. And to be sure, we have some absolutely gorgeous natural surroundings, from Lake Tuscaloosa to the Black Warrior River, Tuscaloosa is an incredibly vibrant part of the … Continue reading

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