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Cheap Hardwood Floor Fixes

Hardwood floors are a great selling point for your house, not to mention they look great. During the Holidays you may have a lot more foot traffic in your home, and scratches might be unavoidable. So what can we do … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving: an abridged history

The Holidays are officially upon us. If Halloween is the preseason, Thanksgiving is the home opener. Family from near and far make the trip to be together, and enjoy some of the best food of the year. Where did this … Continue reading

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Good Neighbors

You can live in the finest neighborhood available, but if your relationships with neighbors are strained then it will never be an enjoyable experience for either party. To be a good neighbor you don’t necessarily have to be best friends, … Continue reading

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Lake Tuscaloosa

When people think of Tuscaloosa they usually think of the University of Alabama, or great barbecue. So it’s somewhat of a shock that one of the best lakes in the southeast is often overlooked. Lake Tuscaloosa is a landmark to … Continue reading

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Storage Solutions

Keeping your home organized is a non-stop battle. How can we efficiently win that battle day-in and day-out? Here are a few quick tips on keeping things in order: Bunk or Platform Beds: For starters, kids generally love these. A … Continue reading

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